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Press Release

Conference for Pastors in Partnership with Shincheonji

Shincheonji Church of Jesus hosted a press conference on the April 2nd with pastors from all around the world who have established MOUs with Shincheonji. It was well attended by 1,500 pastors along with reporters and journalists on Zoom. Shincheonji Church of Jesus hosted this event to share the progress of the online seminars that began last year, the MOUs that have been established, along with some testimonies from pastors. Kim Shin-Chang, the Head of the Department of International Affairs at Shincheonji stated, “Many participants from Africa who attended the Bible seminar from August last year reached out to us to establish MOUs with us which led to the first MOU in September with the “Worship in the Presence of God”-Church in Uganda,” explaining how Shincheonji first started to establish MOUs with other churches.


Chairman Lee Man-hee at the Conference on April 2nd.

Dongsu Kim, the head pastor of “Peace Church” confessed, “In the past all I preached was that everyone must believe in Jesus and by sharing grace in this way would lead to salvation. […] I thought heaven was somewhere, one went to after death. I thought there was resurrection after death,” expressing his incorrect beliefs regarding salvation. Pastor Kim is presently teaching Shincheonji’s revealed word to his own congregation. He also stated, “The time has come for all the pastors to come and learn so that they may live a life of faith in the truth. I want to share Shincheonji’s revealed word to my fellow pastors. I want them to learn the word and realize that their ideas of salvation are incorrect.”


Pastor Willifred Endohu, a pastor who has been leading his church for 11 years in Ivory Coast, introduced himself stating, “I studied theology in a seminary and was trained to be a pastor through prayer meetings and began ministering a church in a very small room. Thankfully enough, 11 years later my congregation has grown to be about 500 members. I am also a lecturer at a seminary institute as well.” He is currently taking Lesson 16 of the Elementary Level of Shincheonji’s Zion Mission Center. He said, “My thoughts and knowledge about the Bible have been broken and are changing through the lessons I’ve been learning in Shincheonji. Jesus and the word that has become flesh has struck a chord in my heart. I also want to preach the revealed word after I am done studying. I want to share this word to the people in my congregation that have been following me for the last 8 years,” showing his aspirations upon completing the classes in Shincheonji. He also added, “I want to express how thankful I am for the Chairman because that is how I could receive the revealed word from God. He could not have taught such a profound word if he had not met God and Jesus. I want to tell my fellow pastors that what I have seen and verified is that all the answers are in the Bible and Shincheonji is testifying to those answers according to the Bible. Please come and check for yourselves.”


Chairman Lee spoke about how he started to share the word and the role of pastors today. He stated, “Revelation is about recreation. If you look at Revelation 21, the first heaven and the first earth pass away and a new heaven and a new earth are created. It is about creating people and all creation again”, explaining that those who are born of God’s seed are harvested and sealed to create God’s new kingdom and new people at the time of Revelation. He also added, “Writing the word of all the chapters of Revelation in people’s hearts is harvesting, sealing, and nurturing those who have been born of God’s seed and making them into the citizens of God’s kingdom. [This is why] Jesus showed me the events of all the chapters of Revelation and commanded me to testify to all the churches,” as he explained the role of the promised pastor today. In his concluding remarks, Chairman Lee stated, “We must become freedom fighters of God’s kingdom that restore what God lost. Let us fight and overcome the devil with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony and create the people of God’s kingdom so that God may finally come and reign over the world again after 6000 years. This is what [God] has made known to us through the Bible. I hope that everyone engraves the words of all the chapters of Revelation—which is the law of heaven—in their hearts. There is only one God, one Bible and one hope. We, as those who believe in God, are also one. We are one!”


Some testimonies of churches that have established MOUs with Shincheonji were shared as well. A church named, “The Early Church of the New Era” in the United States of America, has invited an instructor from Shincheonji, where some 100 members of the church are taking the bible classes of Shincheonji Church of Jesus. A Filipino pastor is now teaching his congregation after completing the Bible classes from Shincheonji. A seminary school in Pakistan has opened classes in the institution after its dean established an MOU with Shincheonji. Until now, 2155 pastors, 22 seminary schools and 958 churches in 67 countries have established MOUs with Shincheonji. Shincheonji is providing teaching materials as well as instructors for the churches and seminary schools that have made MOUs with them to teach their members the Bible.


Shincheonji has been teaching Revelation and the secrets of the kingdom of heaven through online seminars since October 2021. Chairman Man-hee Lee and the twelve tribe leaders of Shincheonji have been teaching Revelation in 24 different languages on YouTube, with over 1.5 million views until today. Shincheonji has been broadcasting the Intermediate Level lessons on YouTube starting from March 31st, 10 AM every Monday and Thursday, twice a week on our official YouTube channel. The seminar series will end on June 27th.


You may watch the recording of the pastor’s conference from April 2nd on our official YouTube Channel (

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